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Copperbottom Rabble Rouser

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Copperbottom Rabble Rouser

American Red Ale

473 mL
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Origin: Montague, PEI

Style: American Red Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Founded in 2017, Copper Bottom Brewing Company is the hard work of husband and wife team Ashley Condo and Ken Spears. Craft beer entered Spears’ radar 13 years earlier when he was hired to sell six-packs out the backdoor of a local brewery, and the hunger to produce his own recipes and techniques into his own label began growing in his mind. Six beers ride the year-round slate, with a handful of seasonal and one-offs joining the party over the years. Condon and Spears believe in building a brewery that’s more than a place to stop off for a cold pint, it’s also a place that builds up the community and participates in making the environment better. If you can’t make it to the island, grab one of their beers from your friendly local. The Rabble Rouser is a classic American Red Ale - amber colour with warm, soft tones on the palate and sturdy body. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar up to six months.


Pours a deep, amber colour with a slightly murky body and low carbonation. A medium padding of fine bubbly head out of the can.


Strong aroma of firmly roasted barley, dusty baker’s chocolate, toffee sweetness - what you’d expect from a red ale, but the herbal hoppy notes throw a slightly perfumed curveball into the mix.


Taste follows the nose, but the strong aroma of the barley eases off and let’s the combination of sweeter elements and grain lay down a firm base for the hoppier components to act up and give this beer some character. It’s sweet but with a floral kick that keeps the flavour from becoming cloying and the whole tasting experience is smooth, ebbing away into a silky finish.


Any classic pub food would go well with this beer, but Yam fries would make an especially nice pairing.

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