December Subscription Beers

Posted by Curtis Jenkins

December is often regarded as a month best enjoyed with rich, full-bodied red wines or popping bottles of bubbles to cheers at annual get-togethers, but we think this is the perfect month to explore the warming effect of winter beer. We are thrilled to offer you some strong ales to get you through the cold […]

Give The Gift of Craft Beer!

Posted by Curtis Jenkins

We do it all the time with wine, so why not beer? Have you ever thought about how commonsensical it is to give someone a bottle of wine as a hostess, birthday, retirement, or “just because” gift? When was the last time someone gave you a beer? Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, […]


Posted by Curtis Jenkins

Yup, it is that time! The Grey Cup culminates, for a lot of us, what it is to be Canadian. We brave the elements to watch the game in freezing stands, while our beer freezes. Some of us even declare our Canadian strength by defying modern comforts and watching the game on the porch, with […]


Posted by Curtis Jenkins

The second annual Alberta Beer Week is nearing, kicking off on October 19th with tons of events, from cask taps to brewmaster dinners. Take advantage of Alberta Beer festivities and learn more, “#ABBeerWeek is a province-wide celebration of Alberta-made indie beer. We bring together the gorgeous people who make and sell beer with the equally […]


Posted by Curtis Jenkins

One of the best outcomes from the explosion of craft breweries across Canada is the opportunity to take beer-based vacations, road-trips and rendezvous! There is a trend of breweries popping up in pockets, forming mini destinations in regions, towns, or even neighbourhoods. Like in Calgary, there is the fast-growing Barley Belt, home to Banded Peak, […]

Canada Craft Club on Untappd

Posted by Curtis Jenkins

If you’re anything like us, we want to try as many new craft beers as we can get our hands on, but let’s be honest keeping track of them all can be a challenge. This is why we’ve started a Canada Craft Club verified venue on Untappd. Not familiar with Untappd? it’s an app designed to […]

September 2018 Subscription Beers

Posted by Morgan Rattray

We love sending you great beer, and September is a huge month! We can’t wait to hear what you love about the delicious offerings this month! (Our personal favourite is the Big Ass Money Stout! Keep your eyes peeled for more information on that ultra-rare treasure coming soon!) Introducing a handy digital version of your […]

Learn about beers and breweries with Canada Craft Club

Posted by David Gluzman

We’re just about to fire things up around here at Canada Craft Club with a push into more blogging. We’ve been exploring beers and breweries around the world for a few years now and we figured it high time we start sharing the knowledge and excitement. There are so many new breweries across Canada and […]

Why should you go to beer festivals?

Posted by Amber Fountain

The obvious answer is CRAFT BEER, of course! Beer festivals have been around for quite a while, and as the interest in breweries, styles, production and beer culture has grown, so has the appetite for beer festivals. The increased demand has sprouted a bunch of new, smaller and more boutique beer festivals. While the big […]

August 2018 Subscription Beers

Posted by Curtis Jenkins

The August Canada Craft Club packages are being sent out on the last breath of summer! We’ve got them packed with tons of goodies to enjoy on the patio, after school supply shopping, or take them camping with you for the Labour Day long weekend! Check out what our other packages got sent! Jealous? Order […]