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Craft Beer Gifts

Choose from 3 different curations of delicious craft beer

Gifting a box of beer means more than just awesome new flavours for a friend or loved one. You are also sending a printed beer guide, digital access to additional information about the beers and food pairing suggestions, and as limited time members they will have access to our exclusive, members-only store with discounts on our epic craft beer inventory.

All Canadian Pack

Approx. 2.8L

In the box:
  • Selection of Canadian Beers
  • Minimum of 4 unique beers


per month

* includes base shipping

Feature Pack

Approx. 2.8L

In the box:
  • Selection of Canadian & International Beers
  • Minimum of 6 unique beers


per month

* includes base shipping

Full Pack

Approx. 5.6L

In the box:
  • Selection of Canadian & International Beers
  • Minimum of 6 unique beers


per month

* includes base shipping

* Includes base shipping costs (where allowed by relevant provincial laws), additional shipping surcharges may apply. * Beer showchased are examples of previous features. Packages may included any combinations of bottles or cans.

Canada Craft Club Benefits

curated products
Exclusive, rare and
exceptional beers
online store access

Cutoff for the November 2020 editions





Club Specifics

Canadian eh!
Canada Craft Club ships brews sourced from all over the world, from Portland to Belgium and back to Victoria! Canada Craft Club is based out of Calgary, Alberta, so all charges are in Canadian dollars and retail pricing is reflective of the local market.
We ship across Canada! If you reside in a province where importing alcohol from other provinces is restricted, you will not be able to order from Canada Craft Club. Read more about how and where we can ship. There may be additional charges to ship to some locations; any additional surcharges will populate in your checkout once the postal code is added. We ship all packages with either Loomis, Fedex, Canada Post or ATS. If you are located in a rural community or remote location with a PO Box, we will ship with Canada Post. Let us know if you have a carrier preference and we will update your shipping method for you. Couriers ship during the day, if you are not home between 9-5, it is best to use your office for the shipping address. Someone over the legal drinking age in the recipient province/territory must be present to sign for the delivery. We now offer a pick-up location in Calgary only: 22, 1259 Highfield Crescent SE. If you are an existing member that would like to pick-up your package, please get in touch with us. Returned packages will incur a base shipping fee of $15+tax plus any applicable surcharges to reship, or if you prefer, we will keep your package and credit your account for the value of the package, less the return shipping charges and a $10+tax restocking fee.
Subscriptions are awesome because they are easy! Subscriptions are recurring deliveries that occur monthly. By joining Canada Craft Club and selecting a subscription, you are agreeing to receive a new delivery of beer each month. Pick a package and pay for your first delivery, which will be shipped the middle of next month. We process payments for the upcoming month on the 20th, so if you need to cancel or suspend, just do so prior to the 20th, so you will not receive the upcoming month’s beer package.
Amount of beer
Each package has a minimum volume of beer, but the brews you receive may be in different formats, 355 ml cans, tall 473 ml cans, and the odd bomber or 500ml bottle. You can expect to receive a minimum of 4-6 unique beers in each shipment.
$0 Initiation fee / $0 Cancellation fee
No extra fees here. You only pay for the beer package that is delivered directly to your door.
In depth experience package
Each monthly shipment contains a specialized experience, including our Beer Guide that will direct you to detailed online profiles for every beer we feature. You’ll find tasting notes that describe each beer and provide education about how to enjoy and recognize the subtleties in each bottle. Save your Beer Guides to track your experience and to use as a reference as you continue your craft beer exploration. All the beer info is also stored in your online account, where you can reorder and rate your favourites.
Makes a great gift!
Know someone that loves beer? Why not ‘beer’ them? Simply hit-up the gift packages area. When you checkout you can select the number of shipments (equal to the amount of months) you’d like to purchase. Canada Craft Club packages are also great as a corporate gift because we can deliver directly to your client’s office. The packages are more cost effective than flowers or gift baskets (who wants to eat flowers anyways?).
Why do gifts cost more?
Your gift recipient will receive a fully functioning, all access Canada Craft Club membership, as well as a customized digital gift card (printable) with your gift purchase. Simply leave a personalized message in the Gift Message field and we’ll make sure to design the e-card using your words. Want the gift to be a surprise? Simply leave the box above your Gift Message un-checked and your personalized message will not be sent to your gift recipient. If you choose not to immediately send the Gift Email, the first correspondence your gift recipient will receive from us will be on the 1st of the month, in the month following your purchase. Once you have completed your order, you can access and print your Gift Message any time through your online account.
All purchases are transacted through Canada Craft Club, which is the name that will show up on your credit card. Recurring subscriptions are charged on the 20th of every month. If you want to suspend or cancel your subscription, you must do so prior to the 20th of the previous month, to ensure you are not billed for next month’s delivery. Remember, we charge the month before the shipping month. For example, your charge in April is for May’s delivery. If you choose a gift you will be billed at the time of purchase, only for the number of months you select.
Cancelling orders: Once you have selected and paid for beers from the Canada Craft Club online store, orders cannot be cancelled or refunded. All sales are final. Damaged products: Our custom built polystyrene packing rarely allows for a broken bottle. However, now and then due to shipping or weather, bottles do arrive damaged. Should your shipment arrive in pieces, please email the beer’s details and a photo of the broken bottle to Within 30 days of receiving your shipment, we will happily work out a solution with you. Dislike your beer?: We choose brews that are both unique and interesting. While these beers have all been expertly chosen, because everyone’s palate is different, you may receive a bottle you did not like. In that case, we ask that you keep an open mind, welcome new experiences and expand your palate! Returned packages will incur a base shipping fee of $15+tax plus any applicable surcharges to reship, or if you prefer, we will keep your package and credit your account for the value of the package, less the return shipping charges and a $10+tax restocking fee.

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