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We've scoured the world to find craft beers and secured special allotments to send to our members every month. Be the envy of your friends, just make sure to share the wealth.

Selected by experts

Our team of world-renowned beer experts, brewers and super tasters personally select the beers you receive and make sure they are rare, hard-to-find and mindblowing.

Hero-level gifting

The only thing better than receiving a gift is the adulation you will get by giving a Canada Craft Club subscription to the beer lover in your life. If beer is life, then you just gave someone life.



Craft Beer

Dozens of ingredients, preservatives & fillers.

Traditional, minimal & locally sourced.

Mass produced at various facilities.

Small batches, made by hand.

Low Alcohol %

High Alcohol %



Disclaimer: this isn't always 100% true, but is meant to be a broad example.

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Beer is in your hands

We include a monthly beer guide showcasing all beers shipped out that month. Visit your account to learn more about each one you received.

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Hurry though, many of our selections are in limited quantity and sell out fast!

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