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XhAle Saisoniest Saison


XhAle Saisoniest Saison

Farmhouse Saison

473 mL

Origin: Calgary, AB

Style: Farmhouse Saison

Hops: Magnum, Ariana, Barbe Rouge

Malt: Undisclosed


XhAle Brewing is a community project started in Calgary, Alberta, and committed to building their brand around the expectations of sustainable brewing, community outreach and participation, and inclusion. Started in the early days of 2020, XhAle has already produced a dozen beers from their craft setup, and established their craft tastes in the knock-down-drag-out world of Calgary’s beer scene. In their beers, XhAle focuses on traditional styles that get a new vision, producing Porters with plum pudding on the mind or fruity Wheat Ale. The Saisoniest Saison is a darker bodied style with a touch more alcohol than you might expect from classic Saison. Themed around the conflict in art where materials are built for exclusivity, the Saisoniest is a bold claim. Serves at 8°C and can cellar for six months.


Pours a dark amber colour with light carbonation. A frothy cap of off-white foam forms on top of the beer.


A pretty strong combination of the yeast and flowery elements. The floral components are strong enough to move into “perfumed” and hide some of the grassy notes.


Fairly mild flavour for what the aroma was advertising. But it does follow the nose and shows light floral notes with the snappy yeast. There’s a chalky minerality and clearer notes of the green hoppy character. The flavour is lightning fast and leaves behind an astringent mouthfeel and loamy flavour.


Time to break out the charcuterie board and get tasting some fine cheeses with this saison.

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