Persephone Brewing – Hop Yard Red Ale

An 11-acre farm houses the brewing prowess of Persephone Brewing Company, a small group of hard-working environmental and beer enthusiasts who work to lower the footprint of their operation by growing their own materials. The hops used in their products is grown on-site, along with a number of food crops for the surrounding community. PBC aims to capture the quality and character of coastal British Columbia right in the bottle. Producing nearly 30 different beers, from IPA to Barley Wine, PBC takes their expertise across every style of craft beer and delivers it across Canada.

Amber ales are full bodied and combine select hops with rich malts for an evolving taste in the mouth. Bitter and buttery in complementary proportions to make them each perfect. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed in a few months time.

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