Upland Brewing Co: Life Exotic Summer Ale

For well over a decade an industrious and experimental brewing initiative has grown in the backstreets of Bloomington, Indiana. Upland Brewing has been whispered into the ears of locals and catching the eye of the craft’s biggest media outlets. Snatching honourable mentions in Hop Culture and landing on USA Today, Upland has quietly built their reputation for unique takes on classic recipes that satisfy palettes and reach national acclaim. With four local brewpubs to enjoy their brews in person, Upland also delivers dozens of craft beer selections – IPAs, Porters, Wheat Ales and more – across the globe. It was an easy decision for us to feature their Life Exotic Summer Ale, which is really great example of the awesome brews Upland has under their belt.

The Life Exotic Summer Ale is a Saison with sharp character. Fruitier and lighter than the usual choices in the style, it quenches a hot day’s thirst and peaks the interest of the craft beer hunter. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for roughly six to eight months.

Check out Upland Brewing Co: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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