Brewery Check-In: Boxing Rock Brewing Co.

Developing great craft beer requires precision, dedication and imagination. In 2012 a couple of engineers bonked heads and realized they wanted to bring exactly those qualities from their field into a craft beer operation. Henry Pedro and Emily Tipton have been slinging out great beers at the Boxing Rock brewery ever since. Infused with the local lore of the sea and a vision for award winning taste combinations, Boxing Rock Brewing Co. is a must if you find yourself on the east coast. 

The Rock only puts their delicious brew into glass bottles, believing the sustainability and pure quality of glass. Not only an environmental choice, but one that falls in line with the Industry standards across Canada for re-use and conservation. 

Brewery tours are available if you find yourself in Shelburne, where you can chat it up with Henry and Emily and witness firsthand as they create the frothy majesty that emerges from their bottles. But if you’d like to have a bite while you sip on their creations, check their Tap Map as they are on the spigot in many fine pubs across the island. Get your hands on the U-889 the imperial stout that has already graced the Craft Club. 

Boxing Rock Brewing Co. 

Website | Instagram

78 Ohio Road, P.O. Box 1515. Shelburne, Nova Scotia, B0T 1W0

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