Holiday Gifts for Her

Choosing the Best Holiday Gift for Her

This time of year can be overwhelming, with long to-do lists and busy schedules. Many of us spend this time of year exchanging gifts, which in itself can be stressful. We all know the pressure to deliver with a present that is perfect for your loved ones. There are so many options out there both online and in person, so we are here to help take some of the pressure off. We want you to share a memorable holiday season with your nearest and dearest. Make the holidays extra special with our guide of holiday gifts for her – no matter who the special women in your life are!

Choosing a Special Holiday Gift for Her

A girl opening up a holiday gift.

Whether you’ve been together for months or years, you definitely don’t want to miss this chance to get your girlfriend something special. That doesn’t necessarily mean expensive, either. We know that the holidays are expensive already, so don’t feel obligated to fork out a ton of money on a gift. There are a ton of really great ways to show your appreciation with a gift, without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Her Favourite Item

Does she have a favourite scarf? Maybe her favourite book is worse for wear or her gym bag has seen better days. One thoughtful gift is to give her an elevated or new version of something she has already used a lot. Often the things we use everyday are just what worked at the time, but aren’t necessarily the best quality. Take a look at her daily use items and see if there is something she could use a new, improved version of.

The Art of Surprise

Often times it isn’t the material item that really impresses a loved one. Rather it’s the act of being surprised. Whether you treat them to a secret weekend away or with a scavenger hunt around the house – being surprised can be a special enough gift all on its own. It shows extra thought and sentimentality, which is special in its own way. If you know your girlfriend or loved one thrives on surprises, get your creative cap on and make a plan. This could even mean wrapping lots of smaller gifts which all give a hint to a larger one. Or maybe you can treat them to an experience they always wanted to do. Sky diving anyone?!

Holiday Gifts for The One Who Has it All

a variety of candles, oils and bath salts - typical gifts for the holiday season.

By far the trickiest people to buy a gift for are those who seem to already own everything they need. They have all the latest tech, their shoe closet is full, and their cookbook shelf is overflowing. It can be difficult to find a way to treat the women in your life who are already fulfilling their own wants and needs on their own. But don’t get discouraged. There are still tons of ways to make an impact and gift something great!

Experiences Make Great Gifts

If you want to really impress someone who has plenty of things, then you can’t go wrong with giving an experiential gift. This could be as simple as a gift card to their favourite restaurant or as fancy as a trip to somewhere at the top of their bucket list. That leaves a ton of room in between for new and creative ideas. Is there a local attraction you’ve never been to? Spend a day being a tourist at home. Make plans to venture outside the city and roadtrip somewhere new – even if just for a few hours. If your loved one is a thrill seekers, check out local excursions like white water rafting (when the weather warms up again), frozen waterfall hiking, or getting scuba diving certifications. There’s tons of adventurous activities throughout Canada and you’re sure to find something local that is super special.

Beer Gifts for Her

A Canada Craft Club beer glass.

OK in all fairness, our beer gifts are for everyone. But we happen to think (and know from our own vast experience) that plenty of women love beer! Giving a gift from Canada Craft Club is a great, thoughtful, and easy way to help your loved one expand their beer knowledge. All while enjoying cans of beer from breweries they haven’t experienced before. Our gifts:

  • come in a range of price points, no matter your budget
  • include many exclusive offerings that can’t be found at the local liquor store
  • get delivered straight to your recipient’s door

There’s a ton of reasons why Canada Craft Club makes great holiday gifts for her. Check out our gift packages and give something fun and delicious this holiday season!



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