Holiday Gifts for Dad

The Best Gift for Dad

Is there anyone trickier on your holiday gift list than Dad? We sure don’t think so. Dads are the ones who have it all because if there is something they want, well, they just go get it. So how are you supposed to choose a gift for them that not only shows how much you appreciate them, but is also something they don’t have? It can definitely be tricky. But we’re hoping to help you out this year and make things easier when it comes to shopping for Dad. Don’t worry – you won’t find whiskey stones or socks on this list. We worked hard to make some suggestions that will help you narrow down the perfect holiday gifts for Dad.

Where to Find Holiday Gifts for Dad

If you’re wanting to scoop up a great gift that Dad isn’t expecting, one tip to start off with is shopping places he doesn’t typically go to. It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you have a Dad who generally buys himself whatever he needs, you are less likely to find something at his usual haunts. Try different versions of where he usually spends his dollars, like local shops or online boutiques. This will open up a whole new world of gift options. If Dad is into fishing, try an online store in a different region or get a recommendation for somewhere from someone else who fishes. Utilizing your own contacts for ideas is a great way to get new ideas of where to shop and even for gift recommendations.

Unique Gift Ideas for Dad

A man swinging about to hit a golf ball on a golf course.

The ultimate gifting goal is to give Dad something unique and special – just like him. However, this is often the most difficult gift to find and can involve some risk. With a bit of help and reading between the lines though, you can likely strike gifting gold and find the perfect holiday gift for Dad.

  • Ask around for tips. There is no shame in asking friends and coworkers for ideas. Since our Dads spend a lot of their time with other people, why not ask them for info you might not have! Maybe there’s a spot your Dad goes for lunch every week that would be perfect to get a gift card from.
  • Try something fancy. If Dad is a golfer, get him 9 or 18 holes at a course he wouldn’t normally splurge on. Whatever his hobbies may be, there is likely room to improve or elevate whatever his interest in. This is the perfect way to get him something he wouldn’t get himself and also an easy group gift!

The Best Gift of All: Craft Beer

a man enjoying a variety of different beers.

Sure, we’re biased here, but craft beer from Canada Craft Club really is a great gift for Dad. Not only does each shipment he receive include beers he likely hasn’t had before, but it comes right to his door! That makes gifting so easy for you and for him. Our holiday packages are created to be the easiest and best holiday gift around, with something at every price point. Take a look at our holiday gift options and check Dad off your list today.

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