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Calgary’s Craft: Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

Posted by Meagan on January 31, 2019

Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co.

Old school doesn’t have to mean old. The crew behind Calgary’s Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Company take the traditional art of creating fine craft beer and blend it with a modern spirit for adventure. One sip of their core roster or seasonal offering will have you daydreaming of the good ol’ days – in the best way possible.

Four reliable pints are pouring now alongside a procession of rotating seasonals:

  • Siren Song: an easy drinking, traditional wheat ale
  • Pegasus: the pale ale with a razor’s edge
  • Okami Kasu: a silky Japanese rice ale
  • Gatekeeper: high powered chocolate stout infused with vanilla and cocoa



In addition to slinging tasty brews, the Ol’ Beautiful taproom is a great addition to the Calgary brewery scene. Unlike any other space in the Alberta craft beer market, they offer a taproom that welcomes any weary traveler or weekend warrior looking for a cool space to rest their feet. With an industrial feel and welcoming natural elements, the Ol’ Beautiful taproom is well worth checking out.

The Ol’ Beautiful cracks its door everyday but Monday, when they sit back to enjoy that sunset and sip a cold one. Head down and have one of their righteous brews.


Ol’Beautiful Brewing Co.

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

1103 12 ST SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G 3H7

Website, Instagram, Facebook

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