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Calgary’s Craft: Banded Peak Brewing

Posted by Meagan on February 3, 2019

Banded Peak Brewing

There is no great mystery to brewing fine beers and Banded Peak isn’t looking to create one. Their open concept micro-brewery is attached to a lean and mean taproom tucked into the corner of Burnsland off Macleod Trail. Coming up on three years in operation, Banded Peak quickly spread from a Calgary name to a staple within the Alberta craft beer world. As a result, chances are pretty high your favourite restaurant or liquor store have Banded Peak brews on hand. And what a lineup they have.



Four pillar craft beers currently hold up the Peak:

  • Chinook Saison: a Belgian farmhouse style ale with spice and earthy qualities;
  • Plainsbreaker: a pale ale with tropical zest and easy drinking;
  • Summit Seeker: the IPA with sharper taste and stronger character;
  • Southern Aspect: a high-octane IPA with big ABV and bitter edgy flavour.

If you have the time before hitting up the Saddledome or venturing further into the city centre one night, we recommend heading down to Banded Peak’s Calgary craft brewery for a pint pulled fresh. Not only is the open air of the taproom a great spot to hunker down with a friend, but it’s the perfect spot to sample a few flights.


Banded Peak Brewing

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

119, 519 34 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 1V1

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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