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Calgary’s Craft: Eighty-Eight Brewing Company

Posted by Meagan on January 22, 2019

Eighty-Eight Brewing Company

Calgary’s flourishing microbrew and craft beer game keeps getting stronger. One of the fresh faced contenders for Calgary’s best pint is Eighty-Eight Brewing Company. Located smack-dab in the middle of the city, their taproom feels like a set piece from Back to the Future. The interior might have an 80s vibe, but Eighty-Eight is currently pouring beers all conceived and brewed in 2018: Tropical IPA, Dry-Hopped Sour, White Ale, Dubbel, Stout, and more.


The brewery and taproom are built in the spirit of Calgary in 1988 – a time when we hosted the Olympics, Sun Ice jackets were high fashion, and Mr. T was still rocking enough gold to make a bond villain thirsty. These craft beer hooligans even put their location in Ramsay – a spot that blew up hard during the late 80s thanks to the Saddledome and a housing crisis.

You can even enjoy their craft beers along with a hot slice thanks to pop-up pizzeria, Noble Pie located right in the taproom. Alberta craft breweries take note: pizza + beer = big win.

Eighty-Eight Brewing Company

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

#1070 – 2600 Portland St SE

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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