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Brewery Check-In: Good Robot Brewing

Good Robot Brewing – Halifax, NS

We’ve all had the nightmare of having to stab a corkscrew through an evil robot’s heart to keep it from stealing our gold – so it’s important to know there’s a Good Robot out there. This one has a small tap room in the north end if Halifax, Nova Scotia and serves up micro-brewed beer that defies categorization. Not all heroes wear capes, but this one serves great craft beer.

Not your average craft beer

Self-proclaimed as the micro-brewery that eschews styles, Good Robot Brewing Co. is staffed by a collection of beer lovers and weirdos (in the best way possible). Aiming to produce awe-inspiring craft beer, Good Robot offers quaffable brews borne on the wild crest of fate. They grab what’s in season and make an IPA and Saison or gather the neighbourhood garage brewers and have a lager tasting event. Their regular list of brews is ​worth a read​ and will melt your brain. They’ve begun throwing some of their creations into cans, meaning it may well drift across the west and become available in your home town. But if it doesn’t, Good Robot is open 7 days a week and has partnered with a list of local eateries the length of your arm to bring their creations to the people of Halifax.

Jump on the ferry and find your way to the oddest brewers in the east.

Good Robot Brewing Company
2736 Robie St, Halifax, NS
Website | Instagram | Facebook

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