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Switching Dad to Craft Beer

Stuck in the Beer Past

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if there’s one thing that goes hand-in-hand with Dad, it’s beer. Chances are you have childhood memories of Dad crushing cheap, mass-produced beer. And maybe you even had to fetch him beers while he lounged in the yard. Unlike today, quality, craft beer wasn’t that readily available. When we were kids, Dad didn’t really have many options other than the typical brews you see in 24-packs stacked to the ceiling in liquor stores. However, we are now living in a time where great beer is on every corner and even delivered right to your door. So it’s time to get those watered down pilsners and weak ales out of Dad’s hand. Let’s get Dad to switch over to craft beer.

Breaking the Bad Beer Habit

One way Dads can be in the habit of drinking bad beer is the comfort in sticking with what they know. If they’ve been drinking the same beer since they were first legal some 40+ years ago, well, it’s probably time to branch out. Old habits die hard and that definitely rings true for Dads and their beer brand. A great way to introduce Dad to beers he hasn’t explored before is to start with the kind of beer he likes. Is he into Pale Ale? IPA? Pilsner? Find the type he likes and look for the same style in craft beers. The craft market is so extensive now that you can find any type under the sun.

Great Easy Drinking Beers

A few easy transitions that we sell include:

Changing Drinking Style

Besides being stuck in routine, Dad might be hesitant about the large format bottles that many quality craft beers come in. If Dad is just looking to have one casual beer after work, he may not be interested in opening up a 750ml bottle of Saison. This does require a change in mindset and knowing how you drink your beer. If beers are enjoyed socially, the large format bottles are great to have on-hand. That being said, not everyone is sharing their beer all the time and the large bottles can be cumbersome to travel with.

Awesome Canned Craft Beer Options

Lucky for all the Dads who love cans, there are really great craft canned options! Some of our favourites:

Sharing is Caring

In the end, the best way to introduce Dad to the world of craft beer is to bring a few over to his place and share them. Talking with Dad over great beer is a tradition old as time. Keep Dad in the loop on the beer world with some of your favourites or if you’re looking for a gift too, we have some awesome Father’s Day deals for you! Dads deserve awesome beer and most of all, quality time with their kids.

Crack a cold one with Dad and ask him about some of his favourite beer memories. If you’re feeling extra brave, maybe you can share some of yours too.

Happy Father’s Day!

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