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Red Arrow – Sweet Leaf IPA

The expansion of the mind has ever been the pursuit of the bold and through the plants many have found a path – Red Arrow has concocted their own means. The Sweet Leaf IPA carries the words of Black Sabbath on the bottle to remind their customers that tasting new and different things can yield impressive new results. Brewing on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Red Arrow creates small-batch craft beers that explore the possibilities of space, both inner and outer. Five permanent roster beers and a handful of limited brews, Red Arrow serves Cowichan Valley and abroad.

The Sweet Leaf has characteristics commonly found in American IPAs but with some subtle kick and intelligent use of sweeter flavours. Tropical zest gives the Leaf some edge to cut through the flesh of blood orange and grapefruit, with pine heavy hops and thick, doughy malt in the body – serves well at 8°C, drink promptly.

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