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Big Rock – ‘Under the Table’ Framboise Kriek

The prairies hold a few secrets and Big Rock has a new one they want to keep hush-hush. Made by blending raspberries with specially cooled wort and aging this brew in wine barrels, the result is a riot of flavour with strong character and a no-nonsense volume of alcohol. Under The Table is Big Rock’s lambic style beer, brewed in small batch over a longer time frame. Combining complementary flavours and sensations, lambics are among the farthest reaches of beer exploration, where contradictory sensations work together to form unique experiences.

Designed using a koelschip – a form of open fermentation vessel where wort cools – Under The Table is a framboise, raspberry lambic. Lambics rely on this open cooling to activate the variety of bacteria and yeasts, giving it the complex combination of flavours and sensations. Big Rock’s variation serves well at 8°C and with a high ABV can spend many moons in the cellar before you enjoy it.

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