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Anderson Vally – Brut IPA

A powerful legacy exists in the Anderson Valley – anarchistic hippie dope growers, agriculture and a wine country fuelled by passion and enchanted earth kissed by ocean winds. Landing on the map in the 80’s when the grapes grown in the valley’s soil exploded into world-renowned wine, a small but persistent voice in the beer game has been putting out new brews and classics since the days of Deloreans and VHS.

Anderson Valley Brewing began with 10 barrels in a farmhouse and for the past three decades has grown to worldwide distribution. Devoted to crafting their beer by hand and leaving no footprint behind, AVBC depends on recycled materials and the shining sun to make over two dozen beers. And now they’ve delivered their Brut IPA. Dry and subtle, relying on the tempered sweetness of fruit flesh and muted hops, their Brut IPA has evolving flavour and a slam dunk finish. Serves well at 6°C and should be enjoyed promptly.

Check out Anderson Valley Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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