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Edge Amber Ale

The Edge Amber is part of the continuous lineup from Edge Brewing Company, and we are stoked to have the exclusive release of this brew in Canada! Amber Ales can range greatly in flavour and substance, and especially quality. When looking for the best Amber Ale, you’ll want to find an excellent malt and hop balance, with a little extra malt shining through. A ‘newer’ style, that riffs on the classic Pale Ale, you can usually find Amber Ales in the Red Ale or American Ale category.

Edge Brewing creates “traditional brews with an edge”. Instead of focusing on a few main styles, they produce a wide range (including a cider), with the common thread of being amazing! Check out their ‘Edge’ier’ series, for those who like to take things a little bit further and expand their palates! There is no rush to enjoy this, but it is an exclusive release – which means when it’s gone, it’s gone! Chill 8-10 C.

Check out Edge Brewing: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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