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Common Crown Olds Spice

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Common Crown Olds Spice

Winter Lager

473 mL
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Origin: Calgary, AB

Style: Winter Lager

Hops: Warrior

Malt: Origin Chinook, C-40, Cara 30-37, Chocolate


Two brothers got together and decided they didn’t need their savings anymore, starting up Common Crown Brewing Co. in the northeast of Calgary. Fortunately, the endeavour has been a success, and for nearly 8 years they’ve been producing quality craft beer in the savage market of Calgary’s brewing scene. Over those years, Common Crown has produced two dozen beers, covering some of the classic styles from the Old World. Common Crown is dedicated to providing great beer for the community and supporting efforts to improve Calgary, including fundraising for children’s health, homeless support, and more. The Olds Spice Winter Lager is a touch of the holiday season in a can. Leaning on cinnamon and allspice, with a smooth malty body. Comforting and satisfying in your tummy! Serves well at 10°C and can cellar for a year.


Pours a dark brown colour with mostly cloudy body and light carbonation. A thin layer of small bubbles rests on top of the glass.


The powerful presence of allspice, cinnamon, and bready malt drowns out almost anything else. But way in the back is a touch of confectioner’s sugar and hops.


The flavour doesn’t lean as heavily into the christmas spice impression as the aroma, so you’ll get a touch of the cinnamon and allspice, but it gives way to some sweeter caramel malt elements and a sharp, bitter green leafy hop flavour right away. The christmas pudding it reminds you of will hit the tongue and disappear almost immediately, but it’s a warm and pleasant sensation while it lasts. Finishes up dry and with a touch of cinnamon.


Perfect for pairing with a mince pie around the yule log or in a ski-lodge.

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