Smugglers Trail Flaskers


Smugglers Trail Flaskers

British Ale

473 mL

Origin: Langley, BC

Style: British Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Jamie Overgaard and Stephen Gregorig, long-time mates from the rugby pitch, decided that it was high time they opened up a brewery. They needed to make high-quality craft beers that their friends and teammates could crack open at the end of the beautiful summer’s day. In 2017 the Smugglers’ Trail was forged, relying on great material from British Columbia’s verdant backyard and West Coast styles that are beloved. The name is inspired by the secret routes used by bootleggers and gold prospectors to dodge the British tax collectors, all the while bringing bounty to those in need. Just over a dozen beers populate the taps of the trail, with many seasonals passing through. The Flaskers is a British Ale based on the “Bitter”, lower in alcohol and strong on the palate. This example follows that well - a powerful but brief malt and hop flavour that’s smooth with a dry finish. Serves well at 10°C and can cellar for six months.


Pours a medium-brown colour with a slightly cloudy body and light carbonation. A thin ring of foamy bubbles clings to the glass.


The sweet and fruity malt dominates the aroma, although a touch of nose tingling yeast creeps through. The fruit smells of dried figs and freshly picked apricot.


The flavour is dominated by the roasted malt flavour, slightly more bitter and complex than the sweet aroma would leave you to believe. The hops emerge as a touch of leafiness and bitter root but it only lasts a short time. The whole flavour comes and goes quite quickly, leaving behind a touch of earthy minerality and a dry mouth feel. Letting it warm a touch helps express more flavour.


An excellent candidate for any hearty pub food - dig into a juicy burger or Shepard’s pie.

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