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Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter

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Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter

American Porter

473 mL
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Origin: Boston, MA

Style: American Porter

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Gregg Berman always dreamed of running away to the circus, but he also had a powerful thirst, so it only made sense to combine these two desires into a carnival of small batch brewing called Clown Shoes. Berman brewed the first of his beers in 2009 and the thirsty beer drinkers of Boston hailed its arrival. On the heels of this success, Berman joined forces with Dan Lipke, who became the Head Brewer. Together they grew the production from 700 to 1500 barrels annually, and within two years their beer had broken out of the confines of Massachusetts. In 2017 they joined with Mass. Bay Brewing to bring their beer production up to a national level - now you’ll find them creeping into a cooler near you. Five beers remain on the slate year-round, with over a dozen beers rotating through their limited release schedule. Behold the Pecan Pie Porter -- rich in flavor, smooth in feel, and ready to change your mind about what the porter is capable of bringing to the table. Serves well at 6°C with a cellar life up to a year.


Pours darker than midnight with a thin layer of off-white foam that quickly vanishes, leaving only the impression.


Light toasted notes reminiscent of Italian coffee are pushed aside and dominated by the bittersweet dark chocolate aroma. Deep breath will pull in the background spices.


Clown Shoes has created a smooth tasting porter with creamy mouthfeel and strong coffee flavors. The earthy spices included in this porter stay in the background, playing on the palate late in the taste. The low carbonation and leavened bitterness keep the Pecan porter from setting up shop in your mouth. The strong alcohol level of the Pecan doesn’t come on strong in the flavor, making this a nice choice for slow sipping, mellow drinking.


Classic porters pair well with rich stews and grilled red meat, but the Pecan has a sweet flavour ideal to be served as a dessert beer paired to crumbles and caramels.

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