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Church Street Itascafest

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Church Street Itascafest

German Märzen

475 mL
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Origin: Itasca, IL

Style: German Märzen

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


It all began with a son buying his father a home brewing kit as a hobby, and that slowly transformed into a passion for craft beer. Joe Gregor leveraged a chemical engineering background and got Church Street Brewing up on its feet - a long way from the garage brewing he started thanks to his son. The first beers rolled off the Church Street line in 2012, and from those humble beginnings nearly 100 beers have been created by Gregor and his crew. Their taproom has 26 different tasty creations ready to fill a pint and lay on the counter in front of you, or you can pick up a four pack of your favorites or fill up a growler of frosty brew. The Itascafest is German-style Märzen - malty with some hoppy character and a clean, sharp finish, the Märzen is a tasty choice for an event or longer beer drinking evening. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to a year.


Pours an amber colour with a fairly clear body and light carbonation. A thick, pillowy head of foam out of the can quickly disappears to nothing.


Strong malt aroma, toffee and caramel are present but not that strong, slightly boozy on top, around the edges is a sweetness that will remind you of candied or burnt citrus.


The combination of slightly sweet malt and a vague, leafy bitterness tend to dominate the flavour. There’s a spiciness to this beer but it doesn’t land on any particular spice - mostly you’ll get a lively zing on the palate from it. Way in the back of the palate is a grassy flavour, but more of a wet grass than fresh cut. Clean finish and smooth feel.


A touch bitter and malty, this beer would best pair up with some savoury like roasted chicken with rosemary potatoes.

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