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Warehouse Queen City


473 mL
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Origin: Regina, SK

Style: Kolsch

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


In 1929 the city of Regina was blessed by the building of the Weston Bakery, but many moons passed, and the warm loaves have long since stopped coming out of the building. But to honour that staple of the city and to carry on the tradition of quality production and community, Warehouse Brewing began their legacy in the very same building. Contributing to a thriving community of craft brewers, Warehouse has spent the past year building their lineup of beers and getting them into the hands of thirsty Canadians. They consider themselves stewards of their premises and of craft beer in Saskatchewan. They’ve built a slate of eight quality beers based on classic styles. Now you can enjoy what they have to offer as their beer begins a new journey across the country. The Queen City Kölsch is a proper member of the style. Light in body and flavour, but with razor sharp hop character - refreshing, delicious, and enlightening. Serves well at 8°C and can stay cool for six to nine months.


Pours a honey colour with a murky body and low to medium carbonation. A finger of white foam comes out of the can but will mellow to a thin topping of bubbles.


Very mellow, even difficult to pick up anything but the warm malt tones. It smells of toasted corn and you’ll catch a hint of the hops, but they like to hide.


The flavour is quite laid back, allowing the hop profile and the malt to work together as they warm up on your tongue. The malt will show up first, but it doesn’t get too sweet or too far before the hop cuts it with some light bitterness and leafy flavour. A smooth mouthfeel and a flavour that slowly ebbs away until gone, without shifting into something weird in the aftertaste. This is a perfect mellow beer for watching the sunset on a patio.


Anything - but this beer has body, so nothing too heavy.

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