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Red Bison – Alta Mira Stout

Fresh on the craft beer scene in Calgary, Red Bison has been brewing for nearly a year, pouring pints from their taproom in the North East quadrant of the city. Steve Carlton began with a 40 litre home brew kit on his balcony and transformed into their current 1,200 litre brewery and tap room at break-neck speed. Red Bison serves up a seven beer slate alongside a small menu of sandwiches and charcuterie in a sparse industrial setting. Since opening their doors they’ve been receiving killer reviews and they’re looking to 2019 for new brews to expand the lineup.

The Alta Mira takes the porter to a smooth and well-balanced frontier. A mingling of complex flavours produce one of the best porters to cross our lips. Beautifully roasted malt combined with subtle lip smacking hops – a dark body hides many delicious secrets. Serves well at 6°C and stand to hang out in the beer fridge for six to eight months.

Check out Red Bison Brewery: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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