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Brewery Check-In: Prairie Sun Brewery

Prairie Sun Brewery – Saskatoon SK

Great beer comes from the earth and the bounty it yields. In the heartland of Canada, a place often overlooked, there’s good work being done with malt, hops and cool water. Combining the wisdom of brewing from the high altitude of Colorado with the local splendour of Saskatoon, Prairie Sun Brewing makes some of Canada’s best craft beer.

One Pint at a Time

Brewing in an old bakery under the watchful eye of a golden retriever, Prairie Sun is the work of two beer lovers who brought a team together to pull the craft beer scene in Saskatchewan up by its bootstraps. Certainly not the first, but definitely showing promise to be one of the best, Prairie Sun brews up a handful of regulars and a few seasonals.

Pouring cool pints and serving up a simple fare to nosh, you can grab a cold one from their tap room on the north side of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Prairie Sun Brewing
2020 Quebec Avenue Saskatoon, SK
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