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Posted by BlackSquare on November 23, 2018

Yup, it is that time! The Grey Cup culminates, for a lot of us, what it is to be Canadian. We brave the elements to watch the game in freezing stands, while our beer freezes. Some of us even declare our Canadian strength by defying modern comforts and watching the game on the porch, with gloved hand clenching a cold brew.

Whether you are a CFL fan or not, or even care to watch sports at all, you have to admit there is something exciting in the air this time of year. Whether it’s the queso dip wafting from the kitchen, or the adrenaline coursing through your veins in anticipation of your team’s chance at ultimate victory, the Grey Cup is a time to celebrate!

Everyone this week is talking Stamps and Redblacks, their season, stats, rituals and rivalries. Of course, we need to bring beer into the mix!

If the Stamps were a beer, they would be a Weissbock – a strong wheat beer, hearty, but still refreshing with a bold malt flavour. Calgarians need something hearty and warming to get them through the cold gusts of wind at McMahon.
The Redblacks channel their British history, balanced by the youth and exuberance of the city dwellers, that’s why we would call them an India Pale Ale. Classic composition and balance, but also super trendy.

Here are our Top 5 favourite breweries from Ottawa and Calgary. Both Ottawa and Calgary have made Canadian craft beer lovers proud, constantly rewarding us with new breweries and great talent! Let us know what you think, and if we missed your hometown fave, let us know!

Ottawa breweries we love:

  • Bicycle Craft Brewery’s seasonal Vinternat Liquorice Stout? Something we haven’t tried before!
  • Tooth And Nail Brewery Consistently solid brews, and we love their neighbourhood of Hintonburg.
  • Flora Hall’s home is a refurbished garage – the building is to die for, and so is the beer (and cider).
  • Dominion City Brewing Co. lets you buy their beer online, believe us, it’s the way of the future!
  • White Water Brewing Co. (we know they aren’t IN Ottawa) has been around since 2011, one of the ‘old’ kids on the block and we love them!

Calgary breweries you have to try:

  • Cold Garden Beverage Company, for us, is just as much about the dogs as it is the beers!
  • Annex Ale Project has to be in our top 5, they brewed a beer for us, that makes us buds, right?
  • Eighty-Eight Brewing is a newer addition to the YYC brew scene, we dig their beers just as much as their ‘80s theme.
  • Good Mood Brewery is another bias of ours, they are our neighbours and have a limited brew can for Movember fundraising.
  • Village Brewery is a staple in the community, and you really can’t talk beer here without mentioning their name!

Who are you rooting for AND which city do you think has the best craft beer culture?

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