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Give The Gift of Craft Beer!

Posted by BlackSquare on December 5, 2018

We do it all the time with wine, so why not beer?

Have you ever thought about how commonsensical it is to give someone a bottle of wine as a hostess, birthday, retirement, or “just because” gift? When was the last time someone gave you a beer? Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, but chances are no one has put a hopped up bottle in a pretty gift bag with your name on it.

We understand that prior to the craft beer and local brewery boom, it would have been odd to go through the effort of gift wrapping a can of Bud or bottle of Heiny. (And we also know that there were unique and giftable bottles of beer pre-2015). Considering how much local and international variety is available today, we think you should move from the ‘rest of the world’ section at your local shop and into the beer cooler for that next gift!

So why should you think about opting for a bottle of barley and hops over grapes?

  • Craft beer is still ‘new’ to the mass market and chances are your gift receiver will never have tried your bomber selection.
  • Yes, there are cheap bottles of wine and very expensive bottles of beer, but in general, a brew will be easier on your wallet.
  • Beer is a great storyteller – get a beer that is from a city you vacationed to, or where you and your buddy had an epic weekend trip.
  • Large format bottles of beer have that same cache as wine – they are big. So they must be special and expensive, right?
  • Have you looked at the selection of beer labels lately – almost like giving a beer wrapped in a piece of art!
  • It’s all about the experience of trying something new and your friend will probably love your creativity
  • Lastly, who doesn’t love a good beer? If they don’t, you should probably rethink why you are buying them a gift in the first place!

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