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Ravens Javelina

Light/Pale Lager

Abbotsford, BC (Canada)

Alc.: 5.9%

Volume: 473mL

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Fresh grain malt with a bit of warm bread aroma, a little bit of hops to give off some pine and loam aroma, and all of it backed up by a slightly sweet caramel scent.


A by the number lager but there’s nothing wrong with a well made classic. Mostly you’ll taste the clean, straight forward grain of the malt, and a slight sweetness to boot. It takes a slight turn as it warms on the tongue, bringing a bit of the forest hops in, turning slightly bitter and resinous. Then it all finishes up with a touch of dry mouthfeel and sniff of the malt on the tongue.


Perfect for anything the pub might offer, but who can say no to the roast beef sandwich and cup of soup?


Pours the colour of perfect gold with a slightly hazy body and medium carbonation. A finger of frothy white foam rests on the top of the glass.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
German Style Lager
Bitterness (International Bitterness Units)
Recommended Stemware


Ravens Brewing Co. is a family operation brewery in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Run by Paul and Jocelyn Sweeting, Ravens has been putting out tasty brew since 2014. Built as an Indigenous Corporation, the cornerstone of Raven’s business philosophy is local suppliers, local business, local beers. Hops, fruit and herbs, and grains from Peace River, all come together in the creation of the collaborative beer projects produced by the team. This includes news crops and partnerships to grow more diverse, local ingredients. By being a part of the community, Ravens Brewing serves the needs of their neighbours directly, including local charities and festivals. The Javelina is a German-style lager that follows in the footsteps of the classics. Smooth body, rich flavour, easy drinking - the perfect combination for lager that goes well with any time or meal. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for six months.

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