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Maplewood Silver Morning


Chicago, IL (United States)

Alc.: 6.8%

Volume: 473mL

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The sweet, toffee malt is front and center with a lightly floral hop aroma hiding behind it. The roasted coffee notes are there but much leaner on the nose.


The caramel and toffee notes from the malt are up front on the taste, setting the stage well. The roasted coffee and hops come in quickly on their heels, balancing out the sweetness with a bitterness and acidity that overtakes the malt. The hops rise up at this point with more earthy, green notes. Everything shifts to a more bitter note at this point, making for a sharper, edgier beer.


Get into a cheese platter that has some serious game (tasty crackers too).


Pours a deep, dark brown colour with occluded body and low carbonation. A bubbly head pours from the can but quickly dissipates.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
SRM 24
Dark Lager
Bitterness (International Bitterness Units)
IBU 20
Recommended Stemware


Maplewood Brewing and Distillery was the first double-production facility in Illinois when it opened its doors in 2014. A few years of slogging away and their Lounge opened, at the same time their craft began distribution across the state. A slow and tasty wave has moved across Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, and now up into the frozen north, as Maplewood makes pushes out of their home state to give everyone in the world a taste of their craft beer and liquors. Adam Cieslak, Paul Megalis, and Kevin Holl maintain the same enthusiasm and dedication to well brewed craft beer that they had when it all began. Five year-round beers decorate the slate, along with a handful of seasonal releases, running the gamut of styles. The Silver Morning is a Doppplebock – a stronger “double” style originating from Germany that offers sweeter malt with toffee notes. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.

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