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Highlander Smoked Porter


North Bay, ON (Canada)

Alc.: 6.5%

Volume: 473mL

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Roasted coffee and chocolate as advertised, but there’s also the smokey malt that adds a ton of character.


The smoked elements stand in front of all the other flavours, but they come in strong and quickly ease off. Once the road is clear you’ll get a better taste of the richer coffee flavour, dusty chocolate, and the unique toasted malt that complements the smoked side of things. Very quick tasting, so take your time - a slightly astringent body finishes up a touch dry and leaves behind some of the malt.


A perfect candidate for some form of dark chocolate dessert that has berries with it.


Pours a murky black colour with low carbonation. A thin layer of caramel-tinted bubbles rests on top of the pour.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
SRM 25
Smoked Porter
Bitterness (International Bitterness Units)
IBU 27
Recommended Stemware


Brian Wilson's journey with Highlander Brewery has taken him around the province, working with fellow brewers and developing new styles. Starting 2009, Wilson began with a traditional Scottish Ale that still stands as one of Highlander's most popular beers. After a decade of brewing, Highlander partnered up with another brewing team to take their beer to the next level. Highlander's beers were crossing the province and leaking out into the rest of Canada. But in 2020, Wilson decided to get back to his roots, moving the brewery to North Bay and start on new styles. Now you can taste the fruits of his efforts, as Highlander Brewery moves onward and upward with new styles backed by traditional values of precision and respect for great beer. The Smoked Porter is one of Highlander’s originals with malts smoked over beechwood for rich coffee notes and hints of maple. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.

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