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Dorchester Neponset Gold

Blonde Ale / Golden Ale

Boston, MA (United States)

Alc.: 5.2%

Volume: 473mL

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Straight down the middle ale aroma - toasted grains and a hint of sweetness, some light hop aroma that comes across as grassy and fresh. There’s fruit advertised but it’s tough to catch a whiff.


Follows the classic lines of the blonde ale with a touch more toasted notes to it. Clean and crisp, you’ll taste lightly toasted malt that’s slightly sweet, a hint of stone fruit way in the back, and a little kick of hops. The flavour comes and goes pretty quick, leaving behind a touch of astringent mouthfeel and some of the malt. Easy drinking, tight flavour, and a gentle ABV - definitely a patio beer.


Great for anything off the pub menu - a classic ale.


Pours a light gold colour with clear body and medium carbonation. Only a hint of bubbles around the top of the glass to indicate a head.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
Golden Ale
Recommended Stemware


Coming out of the gate hot in 2016, Dorchester Brewing Company immediately began production in a 30,000 sq. foot facility, with the intention of putting their tasty wares in all the local pubs and bars as soon as possible. In the span of six years, Dorchester Brewing expanded their tap room into a full-sized restaurant and greenhouse tap room. A place to relax and feel a warm, inviting atmosphere with a few pints. And at that same time they’ve moved from their home turf out into the eastern United States and now up into Canada. With 18 beers on their slate, there’s plenty to sample from these Boston brewmasters. The Neponset Gold is a lager with some attitude. Based on the blonde ale but with a deeper colour and flavour profile, the Neponset is clean and light, with a touch of fruit notes. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for six months.

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