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*Camp Hookline*


Langley, BC (Canada)

Alc.: 5.6%

Volume: 473mL

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A subtle nose of fruit and lightly toasted biscuit malt. If you let it warm up a touch you’ll also get a hint of the floral hops in the background.


A buttery flavour that highlights the leafy green quality of the hops used, but keeps it in check with a lightly toasted malt backbone. Most of what you’ll taste will be the hops, which open up a touch as they warm on the tongue, making it a more dynamic flavour that shows you greens, flowers, and herbs. Finishes up smooth with a touch of bitterness.


An ideal candidate for pairing up with grilled salmon and rice pilaf.


Pours a beautiful golden colour with a clear body and low carbonation. A frothy head of bubbly foam pours from the can.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
West Coast Pilsner
Bitterness (International Bitterness Units)
IBU 20
Recommended Stemware


The creators of Camp Beer Co. set out to create a relaxed meeting spot in the Fraser Valley, but one with tasty craft beers to make that meeting all the more desirable. Camp puts a lot of value on their community and encourages local artists to perform music, bring art, and otherwise enjoy the space in good company with the people who make the area their home. Their brewing sensibilities lean toward the adventurous - plenty of twists on classic styles and collaborations with other brewers gives Camp Beer Co. a fascinating history of beers they’ve released and something interesting for every beer drinker in their taproom. Hookline is a Pilsner built with the West Coast style in full effect. A clean, crisp body with a hoppy back-end to make it a refreshing and dynamic Pilsner perfectly crafted for the patio. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.

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