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*Badger Tangle Foot*

Blonde Ale / Golden Ale

Blandford, UK (United Kingdom)

Alc.: 5.0%

Volume: 440mL

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The warm malt aromas are sweet and grainy, but they take a back seat to the lively floral aroma of the hops. The whole scent profile is tough to catch, so let it warm up a little to get a full nose.


The flavour is an interesting meld of the elements you’ll get from the nose. The malt and floral elements come together so well it’s tough to pull them apart when tasting. It makes for a slightly sweet taste with a touch of earthy, bitter kick at the end. A well blended flavour is always interesting, because it means they’ve worked hard for a single flavour experience. This one is delicious, slightly dry, and leaves behind some of the hops.


Follow the traditions of this beer’s homeland and pair up with a wedge of Cottage Pie.


Pours a dark golden colour with a clear body and low carbonation. A thin layer of small bubbles remains on top of the pour.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
Golden Ale
Bitterness (International Bitterness Units)
IBU 10
Challenger & Goldings
Recommended Stemware


In the pantheon of brewing there are few who can lay claim to centuries of making beer. But Badger Beer has been putting brew in the hands of thirsty patrons since the 18th century. Their new brewing facility stands next door to their original brewery on the banks of the River Stout. The beer that Badger puts out relies on locally sourced ingredients, making it English through and through. Although they’ve recently started experimenting with U.S. grown hops (shhh don’t tell anyone!) The vision of the brewery is to maintain their legacy as long and faithfully as possible, so the flavours of long ago remain in their beers. The Tangle Foot is an English-style pale ale originally created by legendary brewmaster John Woodhouse in the 1980s. Smooth bodied with lightly toasted grain and caramel malt flavours, backed by a touch of flavourful hops. Serves well at 8°C and can stay in the cooler for up to six months.

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