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Grain Bin Alright Already Here's Another NEIPA


Grain Bin Alright Already Here's Another NEIPA

New England IPA

473 mL

Origin: Grande Prairie, AB

Style: New England IPA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Once again the democratic experiment of craft brewing lands on the Canada Craft Club slate - Grain Bin Brewing. It began as an experiment where the brewery asked the locals what the next style of beer to come out of the pipeline should be. While the democracy series continues, the ‘Bin has also put up a slate of permanent beers available from their tap room. Each of them has benefitted from the lineage of a democratic brewery - they touch on many classic styles, but all of them have a bent that’s all their own. More than two dozen beers are available in can or bottle. Today you are getting the experience of their creations - each one is unique. Not only in the sense of their lineup, but Grain Bin isn’t quite like any other brewery on the planet. Which means that while their creations are daring... they don’t always end up landing in familiar territory. The Alright Already is indeed another New England IPA, a thing not altogether unique in a craft world saturated with NEIPAs. But take a chance on these weirdos... you’ll find a unique experience. Serves at 10°C and should be consumed pronto.


Pours a hazy, orange-cream colour with a completed occluded body, light carbonation. A thick, pillowy head of yellow-tinted foam comes out of the can and parks on top.


Really leans hard into the tropical fruit aroma, but it’s quite muddled so no one fruit leaps out. The hop aroma is also quite flowery, giving the entire aroma a slightly over-sweet smell.


The sweet aroma gets turned on its ear when this brew hits your palate. The flowery hops come in strong, bringing a lot more herbal and fresh cut roots to the table. The citrus and tropical fruit lean heavy into their zestier components, while the sweetness is watered down. This is a face twister of an IPA, and you’d best buckle up for it. But it’s also quite a fast tasting experience, chopping off and leaving a bitter, leafy taste and smooth finish.


Mix up your IPA + spicy habit by clashing together a few categories - make BBQ ribs with chili sauce OR marinate a steak in Sriracha and vodka.

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