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Pipeworks Lizard King

American Pale Ale

473 mL
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Origin: Chicago, IL

Style: American Pale Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Can you imagine a unicorn riding a dirt bike and jumping over Snake River Canyon? Does your imagination extend to what a beer might taste like if the image of that majestic beast flying across through the air on 250CCs of two-stroke power was that beer’s spirit animal? You have now experienced as much of Pipeworks Brewing beer as possible without cracking open a can. Established in 2012 by a group of friends with the shared dream of crafting beers and emptying their savings accounts, the streets of Chicago have run golden with craft beer ever since. You will taste wild experiments in flavour - the group has produced over 500 different beers in the near decade of their production run. Each is more bizarre than the last but you cannot accuse them of taking too small a swing. The Lizard King is a sticky pine funk, citrus-kissed, tropical fruit ale with a punchy hop profile. Serves well at 8°C and should be cracked open pronto.


Pours a pale straw colour with a hazy body and medium carbonation. A bubbly froth of inch thick foam rises from the pour and hangs around.


Bright green vegetation, like freshly cut grass, at the top of the aroma. This is supported by a citrus flesh and zest, tropical fruit leaning toward pineapple, some earthy loam, and a little bit of mango.


Far more laid back than the aroma would lead you to believe - there’s the taste of pineapple tart berry juice, a soft kiss of melon, and the hops have a lightly herbal flavour. As it warms on the palate, the hops shift gears, opening up into a more flowery and dynamic taste. After the initial taste there’s a bit of spice and a slow drift down to lemony finish.


Much like an IPA, but just a bit juicier, this would pair well with some hot curry or spicy fried chicken.

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