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New Scotland Bonnie

German-Style Lagered Ale

473 mL

Origin: Dartmouth, NS

Style: German-Style Lagered Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


If something is worth doing, it should be done with intention. That was the idea that brought Scott Saccary, Kevin Saccary, and Mike Gillespie to the doorstep of craft brewing. In their minds, anything they made should be done with care and purpose, so that the outcome delivered a purpose that people cared about. A trifecta emerged, where they created clothing, beer, and events that brought the people of Nova Scotia together. And through intention, gave them a meaning that was more than the sum of its parts. New Scotland Brewing Co. makes great things because of attention and care born from intentionality. Crack open the result and enjoy. The Bonnie is based on the Kölsch style but is its own animal. Crisp, refreshing, and delicious, Bonnie lives up to the meaning behind the name: Pretty. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for six months.


Pours a slightly dark honey colour with a mostly clear body and light carbonation. A thin ring of off-white foam forms around the glass.


A combination of slightly earthy spices, fresh floral hops, and a sweet caramel malt that will have you thinking of delicious toffee.


Right up front is a beautiful combination of warm, caramel malt and earthy, herbal hops. Together you’ll taste something sweet and well-balanced with a smooth mouthfeel that will bring you back for another sip. The slightly sweet taste gives way to more of the flatter malt character and the hops develop into more floral qualities. Finishes smooth with some sweetness.


A perfect pub beer so pair it up with pub food - get a burger on your plate or a beef dip.

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