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Mason Ale Works Cash

Imperial Stout with Coffee

473 mL
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Origin: San Marcos, CA

Style: Imperial Stout with Coffee

Hops: German Magnum

Malt: Undisclosed


What if we told you that five years ago a man dubbed “Sweet Meats” opened a craft brewing facility that makes beers which have won awards and after picking up a six of your favorites it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to sip on them while you watch the sunset across the pacific ocean? We’ll assume you’re already in your car - so point the steering wheel to the west coast and head to the edge of California. Don’t stop until you’ve crossed the transom of Mason Ale Works and ask them to put a cold one on the counter. Mason has four year-round cans on the slate, and pumps out more one-off specialties than a menuless diner. On the way out, tip your hat to Zak and Grant, who were foolish enough to invest their money, but smart enough to invest it in beer. Cash is an Imperial Stout with coffee added to give it rich, chocolatey notes and take the edge off the high ABV. Serves well at 10°C and can stay in the cellar up to a year.


Pours black as pitch with low carbonation - a totally opaque body. A thin cap of off-white, frothy bubbles forms the head out of the can.


Big notes of freshly ground medium-roast coffee, dusty chocolate from the cupboard, a smooth lactic aroma of heavy cream, and freshly turned loam.


Taste follows the nose pretty closely on this beer. You’re getting rich notes of coffee and dark chocolate, with a backbone of grain malt. A smooth, creamy taste that matches with the body, and in the background is the fresh, earthy taste that helps to balance out the sweetness and coffee. The flavour is rich and lasts a long time, slowly ebbing away for the silky finish.


A nice slice of coffee cake would go well with the chocolate and coffee tone of this beer.

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