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Burlington Firefly Forest


Burlington, VT (United States)

Alc.: 5.5%

Volume: 473mL

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The strawberries and rhubarb come through very strongly on the top of the nose, in the background you’ll pick up the herbal tartness of the Gose style.


The fruit is more laid back on the palate and you’ll get a stronger kick of the malt, herbs, and some vague earthy spice right off the bat. Of all the components, it’s the rhubarb that will creep in and become dominant as the flavour shifts on the palate. It’s a fast tasting, so give it a little time on the tongue and even let it warm up a touch before drinking. Slightly dry finish and little aftertaste.


A perfect beer to break out the cheese board and get wild.


Pours a dark honey colour with a hazy body and medium carbonation. A thin cap of foam rests on the top of the glass.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
Gose Ale
Bitterness (International Bitterness Units)
IBU 10
Recommended Stemware


Joe Lemnah spent six years brewing for others, more than 200 different styles and 10,000 hours with his mind on beer. And then he knew it was time to start his own brewery. A few years of hard planning and running around the pylons of bureaucracy resulted in the doors of Burlington Beer Co. opening its doors. A brewery that roots style in the traditions of old brewing, but willing to push that history into the next era of craft brewing. To experiment with what can be while respecting what has been - a balance that has produced a local favourite whose name has reached up from the streets of Burlington, Vermont. Four flagship beers, dozens of pale ales, special release porters and stouts, and vintage barrel-aged - a slate of beers that will impress any style of beer drinker. The Firefly Forest is a Gose-style infused with rich fruit flavour and a minerality that cuts through the fruit and balances out the beer. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to a year.

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