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Born Hello Cutie!


Calgary, AB (Canada)

Alc.: 5.0%

Volume: 473mL

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The hibiscus dominates the nose on this beer, but if you give it a little time you can pick up the mango and a touch of the toasted wheat.


The balance of the mango and hibiscus is even-steven on the palate, a perfect blend of the two flavours. After the swallow you’ll find a touch of the wheat ale is more obvious, but it’s hiding in the back, keeping the other flavours on the rails. For a wheat ale, the flavours are mild and pleasant, the body is smooth, and the finish ebbs away like a good night kiss.


This beer was practically custom made for Surf and Turf. Find someone willing to give you their good cuts and make it happen.


Pours a dark honey colour with a tint of amber, a hazy body and low carbonation. A thin ring of bubbles disappears pretty quick after the pour.

Color (Standard Reference Method)
SRM 10
Mango & Hibiscus Wheat Ale
Recommended Stemware


Originally born and raised in Colorado, the whims of the Great Magnet pulled Wade to Calgary. To that place where the craft beer is brewed nightly and many have crashed their brewing ship against the rocks of Alberta. But Wade succeeded where many failed and weathered even greater struggles. Now Born Brewing is a well-known source of fascinating and tasty beers in Calgary. The Hello Cutie series of beers has been running for a few moons now, providing delicious outcomes to Wade’s experiments. This month, the Hello Cutie Wheat Ale with Mango & Hibiscus is an exclusive release, available only in the brewer’s own mix packs and right here at the Canada Craft Club. Hello Cutie! Mango & Hibiscus is part of a mixer pack made by Born. This part of the Cute Mixer has tasty mango fruit and sharp hibiscus all riding on a wheat ale backbone. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for 3 months.

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