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*Corsaire Sunny Drop*

Fruited Sour Ale

473 mL

Origin: Levis, QC

Style: Fruited Sour Ale

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


The female pirate, Anne Bonny, is immortalized in flavor by Le Corsaire Microbrasserie in Quebec. Famous for her raucous attitude and seemingly indomitable charm, the Quebec based brewery aimed to make a German Pilsner that held the same characteristics. The result is a sharp, tasty beer that lingers in the mind. Corsaire is dedicated to creating local versions of classic British styles. Master Brewer and Owner Martin Vaillancourt, was trained in England, and while young on the scene he has made Corsaire a multi-award winning brewery in a handful of years. Precisely the resume of a brewer Bonny would have given the nod to make a beer for her name. Corsaire keeps a dozen beers across all styles on the taps right now, all available in their pirate hide-out, helpfully dubbed “the pub.” This version of the Sunny Drop is made with Haskap – a sweet and tart fruit not unlike raspberry. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for six months.


Pours the colour of light prune juice with a mostly clear body. A frothy, aggressive head of foam from the pour rests on top for quite a while.


Similar in smell to raspberries, the Haskap is obvious in this beer. More tart and vinous than raspberries, it also has a sharper citrus back.


A strong flavour akin to raspberries but with a slightly more sour tone. The fruit takes over everything in this beer, drowning out almost anything else but a touch of grain malt right near the end. The body is dry and snappy like white grape juice and finishes off with the flavour of haskap.


Try this one out all by its lonesome or with a mild cheese platter.

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