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Tailgunner Ajax

Dark Lager

473 mL

Origin: Calgary, AB

Style: Dark Lager

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Calgary craft brewer Tailgunner Brewing Co. is born from the history of a Canadian serviceman who survived astonishing conditions in World War 2 and his spirit of perseverance and quiet fortitude. Tailgunner makes straightforward styles high in quality and taste, based on traditional brewing recipes touched with innovation. Their beer hall is a place to set down your weary bones and have a tall glass of cold beer pulled from the taps and set before you. This is a place of quiet comfort that does not need to intrude on your enjoyment of a good beer after whatever sojourn you've been on has finished or if it's simply a short break before you continue. Whether you're stopping by for a pint or getting a growler to take on the move, Tailgunner has you covered. The Ajax is a dark lager made in the Czech style, delivering the dry quality but low on the typical bitterness you’d expect. Smooth body, mellow roasted notes, and some subtle but funky spices. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for three to six months.


Pours black with a totally opaque body and low carbonation. A finger’s worth of brown-tinted foam rests at the top of the glass.


A fairly mild aroma, combining the coffee elements with a fresh cut green leaf hops and some candy floss. There’s also a boozy volatility that’s odd for something so low in alcohol.


The coffee elements all but disappear and you’ll feel like you’re drinking an amber more than dark ale. The roasted beans give over to more of a toasted grain flavour, slightly dusty earth, a bit of chewing on a stick thrown in for good measure. The mouth feel starts off smooth but quickly moves to a dry, slightly sandy finish. You’re left with an aftertaste of earthy coffee grounds.


Get the charcuterie board out and make sure you’ve got plenty of tasty meats.

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