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Eighty-Eight Good Morning


Eighty-Eight Good Morning

Vietnamese Coffee Stout

473 mL

Origin: Calgary, AB

Style: Vietnamese Coffee Stout

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Just off Blackfoot Trail in Calgary you’re going to find the taproom that still has one foot in the 1980s. Built in the spirit of Calgary in 1988 – a time when we had the Olympics, Sun Ice jackets were high fashion, and Mr. T was still rocking gold - Eighty-Eight Brewing has plenty of neon and great craft beer on the taps. But why? Because it was a time of new beginnings, hope, high-rise sweat socks, and the birth of new beer drinkers. Who would one day open up a taproom full of old TVs. And since 2018, Eighty-Eight has slowly expanded its brewing facility, keeping more than a dozen craft beers on the taps year-round. You can enjoy their craft beers along with a hot slice thanks to pop-up pizzeria, Noble Pie, setting up on premises. The Good Morning is a peppy stout bursting with the flavours of rich coffee, dark chocolate, and strange spices. A solid addition to the coffee-styles, serving well at 10°C and able to stay in the cooler for six months.


Pours black with a totally opaque body and low carbonation. A chocolatey cloud of small, sticky bubbles pours from the can, slowly receding to a thin memory on top.


The combination of coffee, chocolate, and brown sugar sit right up front, but if you get your nose in there you’ll pick up some leafy and floral hops hiding around the edges.


It’s coffee and chocolate all the way down. Once it hits the palate, the flavour of that coffee does change, so don’t sleep on the flavour evolving. The roasted components assert themselves more, it gets slightly bitter but also brings out some of the green, leafy elements. The body is smooth, almost creamy, and the whole tasting experience is balanced, ending like a soft kiss.


Try this out all by itself, the flavour of the coffee is really something to focus on.

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