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Over the past three decades the changes in the North American craft beer scene have been nothing short of a full revolution – the exact sentiment that Revolution Brewing took in naming itself and establishing its philosophy. They’re proud to be one of the leaders and innovators of American craft beer, experimenting and producing dozens of styles every year to satisfy and tantalize their community. Revolution works hard to reach the quality and variety they produce yearly and they enjoy bringing it to everyone who sets foot in their taproom or picks up a six of their favorites. Revolution is closing in on 15 years operating and looks forward to many more years with many more beers. The Eugene is a porter with American twists on it. Roasted qualities and chocolatey goodness combine with the darker elements and spices for a soul-warming beer. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.

How it looks

Pours jet black with an opaque body and low carbonation. A huge, frothy head of brown tinted foam comes out of the can, but it calms down to a respectable head.

How it smells

There’s a boozy edge that can obscure the roasted coffee and chocolate notes, but they’re hiding back there. The hops also give it a slightly flowery aroma that’s quite pleasant.

How it tastes

Quite a mild flavour compared to what the nose is telling you. The roasted flavours come out first with a touch of strange sweetness in them. The hops step in and give some leafy and floral tastes, as well as a slightly salty pop. The body is smooth and filling, carrying everything in a balanced fashion and finishing off slightly dry.

Recommended food pairing

Get on some smoked salmon with buttered soldiers and cream cheese.

Revolution Eugene

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