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Three life-long bros took their love of beer and all the money in their chequing accounts, and opened up Container Brewing. Pouring since the later part of 2019, they've had a tumultuous youth. Their original beers were established by veteran brewer Tim Juul, but once their founding recipes were established, the reins were handed over to the team and they've been running full-steam ever since. Their original style has been supplemented by creative choices over the past five years and almsot all have been instant hits with locals and abroad. Their taproom keeps a dozen beers available year-round, along with classic whiskey and hard seltzer. The Juggernaut is a flavour water-balloon to the face. Big flavours of roasted coffee, chocolate, and floral hops, with an ABV that will definitely light up your palate. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to a year.

How it looks

Pours pitch black with medium-low carbonation and a frothy head of chocolatey foam from the can.

How it smells

Warm malt and coffee aromas, the classic dusty chocolate you love about stout, but there’s also a strong aroma of molasses and perfume.

How it tastes

Quite a bitter roasted quality up front, but it mellows out as the taste crosses your tongue, opening up to some more floral and sweet characteristics. The floral components have a mix of earth and rose, with some leafy green coming through on the backend of the taste. The mouthfeel starts off smooth but takes a trip into a dry and chalky territory toward the finish. The floral aspects will stick with you in the back of your throat.

Recommended food pairing

Have you ever found somewhere that will serve you a roast turkey leg covered in mashed potatoes and bacon? Start searching.

Container Juggernaut

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