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Torchlight Cyber Mammoth

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Torchlight Cyber Mammoth

Rye Porter

473 mL
* Few left *

Origin: Nelson, BC

Style: Rye Porter

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


Josh and Craig began to shine their light in the Kootenays in their nano-brewery in 2014. But since a nano-brewery can only produce nano-beers, they quickly found themselves overwhelmed with a demand for their product and had to kick their lives up to the Micro gear. So they wrangled a handful of other excited beer-loving crafters and began building out a new home. By spring of 2017 their new brewery and lounge was filling up with thirsty Nelsonites and surrounding beer lovers from British Columbia. Now they make their beers teleport to your home for enjoyment and so you too can see into the depths of the craft beer world with a torch held high. The Cyber Mammoth is an English Porter but with a distinct Canadian twist. Made with Rye malt, the Mammoth has all the roasted depths and chocolatey goodness of a top notch Porter. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for up to six months.


Pours dark and stormy, a totally occluded body with low carbonation. A pencil width of small bubbles rests on the top of the pour.


Warm malt that has a roasted coffee kick, sweet chocolate notes, and a touch of volatile, booziness that’s surprising for a beer this mellow.


Strong roasted qualities put their foot forward on this taste. There’s a slight bitterness to the roasted coffee quality, and the chocolate leans more towards baker’s variety than milk once it hits the palate. As it warms on your tongue, it’ll take a turn toward a more bitter, acidic taste like peppy espresso. Starts smooth, but the mouthfeel shifts toward a sandy, dry feeling and a leafy bitterness for the aftertaste.


Get some ribs into the slow cooker and then glaze them up on the grill.

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