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Rogue Ales is the kind of brewing company that would kick down your door and walk in with a 24 pack on one shoulder and a stereo under the other arm. Brewing from their compound in Newport, Oregon, they keep coming up with weirdness that is either the most brilliant use of a brewing system or ideas that border on psychopathy. But if the reaction is any indication, they’re doing something right. This will be the fourth time in four years they’ve come up on the Craft Club and every time their beer has been worth the price of admission. It may not always be to taste, but it’s never boring. They make craft beer, they make liquor, they serve oysters. When you’re dealing with maniacs like this, just smile and sip. The Chocolate Stout Nitro is only something Rogue could brew up. Opening it made a sound like a live Jaguar. Chocolatey, hoppy, roasted coffee and hazelnuts. Never sleep on Rogue. Serves well at 10°C and can cellar for six months.

How it looks

Pours like printer’s ink with low carbonation. A wild touch of foam dies almost immediately, leaving behind only a memory.

How it smells

Smells like a beautiful mug of Americano with cream in it. There’s a floral quality to the hops that hangs around in the background, adding a beautiful contrast.

How it tastes

A wicked combination of roasted coffee and nuts, combined with a ton of creamy chocolate notes. An earthy quality all along the backbone that balances out the slightly sweet chocolate, and some floral hops to add a tweak toward the bitter bright. Let it warm a bit so you get all the character out of tasting it. Finishes up with a slightly dry mouthfeel and chocolate aftertaste.

Recommended food pairing

Have this one all by itself, it’s worth it.

Rogue Nitro Chocolate Stout

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