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Black Bridge IPA!

American IPA

473 mL

Origin: Swift Current, SK

Style: American IPA

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


There’s a sea of wheat and a long highway when you head to the ‘Current. Saskatchewan is a place of history and old world methods. But it’s also a place of old world superstition. The Black Bridge is a well-known landmark near the town of Swift Current, and when Clayton and Kari Stenson took their home brewing operation up a notch to full-time, they decided to name it after a place rich in stories of ghosts, history, childhood adventure, and tradition. Black Bridge Brewery has some of its own ghost stories and history, along with long nights getting brews off the line and into the hands of thirsty beer lovers. Four year-round beers and a handful of seasonal offerings populate their slate. The hint is in the name - IPA! is an American-style Pale Ale, dry-hopped for a dynamic flavour on the palate and sporting a soft and sweet style. Serves well at 8°C and should be enjoyed soonish.


Pours a golden colour with a clear body and low carbonation. A frothy head of small bubbles pours from the can but will quickly dissipate.


Most of what you’re going to get on the nose is a pleasant floral hops aroma, but behind that you can pick up a soft aroma of muddled tropical fruit.


An earthy and green hop profile meets your taste buds out of the gate, but it eases off quickly, letting some sweeter elements in. Some citrus zest and grain malt show up as the volume on the hops dims down. The whole flavour experience is fast, hitting with classic IPA touches and then fading off to a soft fruit finish with a dry mouthfeel.


A perfect beer to pair up with some street tacos topped with your favourite hot sauce.

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