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Upstreet Commons

Czech-Style Pilsner

473 mL

Origin: Charlottetown, PEI

Style: Czech-Style Pilsner

Hops: Saaz

Malt: Undisclosed


It began as a few friends thinking hard about brewing their own beer after leaving a few empty cans in the garage. And once the ball was rolling they jumped on and kept their feet moving. Upstreet Brewing kicked off their initial brewing in 2015 and poured cans into local pints as quick as they could. Within a year they’d started their charity, with proceeds from their Do Good-er pale ale going to their local community. Silver and Gold medals for their beers that year. But the time 2017 came around, they were a local phenomenon, helping out the community and pouring pints. The dream can come true. The Commons is a Pilsner made in a classic style, overflowing with tastiness and complemented by a bite from Saaz hops. A perfect beachside beer that goes with anything you can catch from the seas. Serves well at 6°C and should be enjoyed within a few months.


Pours a beautiful golden colour with a clear body and medium carbonation. A thin layer of frothy head pours from the can.


A strong whiff of grainy pilsner malt and slightly sweet, tart green apples. There’s a kick from the hops that bites the palate and brings leafy, earthy loam into the mix.


There’s classic European Pilsner character in this beer. You’re going to get big flavours of bread, water biscuits, citrus flesh and zest, and green apples. The hops are a touch late to the palate, but they bring in some green leaves, earthy bitterness, and loam. Finishes up on a slightly aggressive note, leaving your tongue sizzling.


The brewer recommends pairing this up with fresh shellfish - time for a beach clambake?

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