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*Fuggles Warp Speed*

American-Style Lager

473 mL

Origin: Richmond, BC

Style: American-Style Lager

Hops: Undisclosed

Malt: Undisclosed


If ever there were a brewery that was simultaneously a meme, you will find it at Fuggles Beer. Brewing out of Richmond, B.C. since the early days of 2013, Fuggles is not ashamed to be beer nerds. Or regular nerds for that matter. They focus on making great beers and having a fun atmosphere in their tasting room - all in the quest to have their community enjoy themselves over a pint. More than 200 beers have been cooked up by this microbrewery in their time. Day in and day out, they keep a half dozen of them on tap with plenty of options available to pick up and take home. Nothing says a good weekend like a Growler full of Super Sonic Witbier. The Warp Speed Lager is a clean and crisp year-round favorite that has been recently added to the slate at Fuggles. Slightly hop forward with a light body for easy consumption. Serves well at 8°C and can cellar for three months or so.


Pours a very pale yellow colour with a clear body and low carbonation. A touch of frizzy, small bubbles on top of the beer from the pour eventually disappears.


Fairly mild nose will deliver some sweet, toasted malt aroma and a slightly sour, leafy green hop profile.


Mild flavour that follows the nose. The malt is slightly sweet and toasty without getting bitter or chalky. The hops are flirty, giving the beer a touch of freshness. The body is light and easily crushed. All in all this is a solid lager with a bit of character that you can easily take out onto the patio during the hot months and be glad you did.


Get into your favourite thin-crust pizza and make sure they’ve got the pepperoni on it.

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